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  1. Jerry Reply

    Mr. Elway, I have a problem with you and the NFL. As a child I became a fan of the Denver team when they were first organized as the Broncos. I went from the team being a second rate team in a second rate conference. As the years went by the conference got better and so did the Broncos. During this time in the 80s I met you at a golf course in Cheyenne and played a practice round of golf with you. I enjoyed the time with you as a golfer and saw your integrity at that time. You grew as a player and over time you and the team became a force to be dealt with. You lead the team to two Super Bowl wins. Then you went to the front office and excelled for a time. You took a chance on a player everyone said was done for. You and this player made all the na-sayers eat their words and the team kept their dignity and their winning ways. All the players were expected to earn the right to play, no special favors to any player from year to year. Then the black players wanted special favors and they wanted the public to look at them as gods(not as players)! Our flag was degraded and treated like a rug at the door to wipe their feet on. The people who fought and died to keep our country free are nothing more than fertilizer in a field of headstones! No respect!! I served my country not only as a soldier but I was in law enforcement in my civilian life. My wife and I have lost respect for you and the players because of their actions and words. I don’t care what they believe but I do care how they continue disrespecting our country, the fans and the game they are playing. Stop for a minute and remember that the true fan is not White, Black, Brown or Yellow, they are just fans. It’s just as important to remember that a true American is not White, Black, Brown or yellow they too are just Americans. It looks to me like the football people want to be seen as better than everyone outside of football!! Don’t forget the players, owners and coaches are not gods! None of you are gods because the true fans are the people who put every one of you where you are. The true God is the one who gave each one of you the abilities you have. If the NFL continues as it’s going, my wife and I along with many other true Americans would rather see the NFL go “belly up” and we’ll find another sport to watch!!

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